Hello! My name is Murilo, I am a Brazilian technologist (or a full stack developer if you prefer).

I am profoundly interested in education and technology. More specifically when technology is used to build a bridge between what we are able and what we desire. I believe technology can do wonders when used to extend who we are.

In this quest, I started studying Physics in 2007 at my hometown’s university (UFES) but dropped early on because becoming a developer was more urgent to me. As a developer, I worked in a range of places that in a way or another explored the possibilities and impacts of modern technology in our lives. In Brazil I worked from software houses to the government’s culture department to projection mapping art collective ending up running my own startup and Science Hack Days.

In 2014, I moved to Sweden where I worked as a creative technologist in a digital agency, exploring how to make use of modern technology to create powerful and meaningful experiences through advertisement. I also worked as a consultant for a strategic design firm.

Through all this time I’ve been involved with a non profit organization called Kids Hack Day where I had the pleasure to develop some of the features of Strawbees and Quirkbot, toys designed to engage kids in perceiving that we can interact with technology in a more creative and active way, rather than passively consuming it.

Today I live in London and work for a company called Kano, where we develop an end to end experience for beginners in technology. From putting together our own computers to sharing interests through a social network specially created for it, we can learn about technology as we create and make with it.

If you are smiling after reading this, please get in touch and let’s have a chat! :)

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